SoulBack (featuring Rico Love) – The R&B Podcast Episode 10

May 21, 2018

4:23: Tamia’s listening party for her upcoming album “Passion Like Fire”.
9:35: Jessie J’s new album “R.O.S.E.” and the marketing plan behind it
12:30: New music from Raheem DeVaughn, H.E.R. and Lipstick Gypsy
16:35: Playa Please award for Tidal, Tom’s co-worker and a reader of the website
23:40: Rico Love joins the podcast
24:06: Is it Laurel or Yanny?
25:50: Rico Love‘s passion for R&B
28:53: Expectations when writing for a major artist versus an independent artist
36:30: Getting paid for making music
39:33: Adapting to the streaming era
42:00: Major Labels/artists releasing one Pop single and an Urban single
47:00: The Longevity of trap music
50:50: Adults are too busy to discover music now
54:08: The future of Usher
56:05: Upcoming projects
59:30: Keith Sweat vs Musiq Soulchild debate

Grammy award winning producer Rico Love joins us on this week’s Soulback podcast. Mr. Turn The Lights On has been responsible for writing hits for the likes of Usher. Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. We talk about various music industry topics such as streaming, publishing and his approach to writing R&B records. We also get into the Laurel vs Yanny debate as well as the state of Usher’s career. We also take some time to talk about some new music from Tamia, Raheem DeVaughn and H.E.R. A lot of knowledge is dropped on this episode so definitely check it out!


The R. Kelly/Spotify Playlist Snub (SoulBack Podcast Bonus)

May 20, 2018

Our thoughts on the R. Kelly/Spotify playlist snub!


SoulBack (featuring Stokley Williams) – The R&B Podcast Episode 9

May 4, 2018

1:34: Weekly fan love segment
4:01: Our thoughts on Tamia's new song "Leave It Smokin'"
7:32: Bridget Kelly's mew album "Reality Bites"
10:21: Janelle Monae's new album "Dirty Computer"
12:40: Dru Hill and Playa are touring together
17:25: Stokley joins the podcast
17:50: Which VA artist did the better cover of "Pretty Brown Eyes": Chris Brown or Trey Songz?
19:21: Stokley's solo project
22:11: Plans for Mint Condition and solo
24:17: The lack groups of music programs in school
31:33: Will real instruments come back to R&B music?
34:40: Stokley's production work outside of the group
37:00: A special moment with Prince
45:21: What's on Stokley's drink of choice?

This week we bring in the legendary Stokley to the SoulBack R&B podcast. The lead singer of Mint Condition had lots to say about the music industry today including the lack of school programs offered to aspiring musicians. We also talk about his history including his new solo album as well as his time spent with Prince. We also get into new records from the likes of Tamia, Janelle Monae and Bridget Kelly. Stokley has been in the game for over 30 years so you already know there was a lot of knowledge being shared on this episode.


SoulBack (featuring Pleasure P) – The R&B Podcast Episode 8

April 24, 2018

1:38: Weekly fan love segment
5:07: Our thoughts on Mya’s new album “TKO”
6:47: 702 will be touring soon
8:58: Sad news from K. Michelle, Mariah Carey and R. Kelly
13:50: Playa please award: Lauryn Hill’s upcoming tour and Kanye West’s new shoes
19:15: Pleasure P joins the podcast
19:41: The importance of R&B artists sticking together
23:46: Keith Sweat and Pleasure P brotherhood
30:03: Why are male R&B groups missing in music today?
35:12: The downfall of R&B in 2010 and the aftermath
39:35: Reminiscing on the Scream tours from the 2000s
44:10: Where are the million people that made every R&B album platinum in the 90’s?
49:05: Upcoming music and tour from Pleasure P and Pretty Ricky
51:20: Mortal SoulBack (Musiq Soulchild vs Keith Sweat)
51:56: Pleasure P hated “On The Hotline”?
53:44: What’s on Pleasure P‘s tour rider?

Another week and another great guest for you guys! This week we have Pleasure P from the group Pretty Ricky. During the mid 2000’s, they brought bedroom bangers back to R&B with records like “Grind On Me” and “On The Hotline”. Pleasure P also found some solo success with his Grammy nominated debut album which included “Boyfriend #2” and “Under”. He joins us on the podcast to talk about his journey in the music industry including what he’s observed from the genre in the past few years. We talk about the the lack of male R&B groups as well as the need for artists to unite especially during this rough period for the genre. We also talk about Mya’s new album “TKO” as well as Lauryn Hill’s upcoming tour. Pleasure P also shares an epic story with Static Major, Keith Sweat and himself. You’ll need to listen to find out everything!


SoulBack (featuring Jermaine Dupri) – The R&B Podcast Episode 7

April 17, 2018

1:38: Weekly fan love segment
4:20: Our thoughts on En Vogue's new album "Electric Café"
7:35: Our thoughts on Chante Moore's new EP
10:22: Tinashe's new album "Joyride"
13:40: Chrisette Michele's almost surprise album "Out of Control"????
19:32: Playa please award: Sabrina Claudio and Taylor Swift make the internet mad
24:20: Jermaine Dupri joins the podcast
25:14: "U Got It Bad" vs "Burn"
27:47: The importance of Jermaine Dupri's So So Def remixes
32:52: Developing younger acts and creating a youth movement
39:25: Why isn't JD working with the new R&B stars?
41:30: The positive/negative impact of Usher doing EDM songs
45:44: Can Major labels still push veterans like Mariah Carey and Usher?
50:25: 90's R&B artists struggling in today's music industry
57:10: Urban AC format in the 90's vs today
1:04:40: What does R&B mean to the public in 2018?
1:16:28: Mortal SoulBack: Keith Sweat vs Musiq Soulchild

We're back with another episode. This one is a special SoulBack as we have one of the most important names in R&B on this week's episode. Jermaine Dupri has created an unfathomable number of R&B hits over the last three decades for artists such as Monica, Mariah Carey and Usher as well his own artists Xscape and Jagged Edge. Mr. So So Def joins us to talk about his history in the game and shares his perspective on what he sees going on in the industry. We touch on his remixes that he's done throughout his career and also talk about his work with Usher. This is an episode you don't want to miss if you want to learn more about the state of the music industry as he drops a lot of gems. We also talk about some of the new music releases from Tinashe, En Vogue and Chrisette Michele.


SoulBack (featuring J. Holiday) – The R&B Podcast Episode 6

March 27, 2018

1:38: Weekly fan love segment
2:36: Our thoughts on Toni Braxton's new album "Sex & Cigarettes"
5:25: Initial thoughts on Ro James' "Smoke" EP
8:00: New singles from Pleasure P, Chante Moore and
13:00: Playa please award: Wendy's drops a mixtape dissing McDonalds and Burger King
16:27: J. Holiday joins the podcast
17:00: Analysis on J. Holiday's conceptual song "Wrong Turn"
19:40: "Guilty Conscience" underperformed because of theft??
23:17: The sad truth on why his single "Incredible" was on Bell Biv Devoe's "Three Stripes" album
30:11: The "Back Of My Lac" era
32:57: The shift of R&B from 2006 to 2010 and society
36:46: Is stan culture killing the genre?
39:36: J. Holiday's fight with the Beyhive
49:22: The lack of support for 2000's R&B
54:20: Mortal Soulback (Keith Sweat vs Musiq Soulchild)
56:00: Life on the road as Ginuwine's background singer
58:18: Thoughts on Robin Thicke & Pharrell/Marvin Gaye lawsuit
59:44: What's on J. Holiday's tour rider?
1:00:24: Upcoming music from J. Holiday

We had to bring in J. Holiday for this week's podcast. The soulful R&B singer has made huge contributions to the genre with hits like "Bed" and "Suffocate". More recently he's been on social media criticizing the state of music as he feels the topics are hurting the culture. We bring him to talk about his rants on the likes of Beyonce, Cardi B and Mary J. Blige. No matter what you think of him or his opinion, his passion is felt throughout this whole podcast as he truly cares about the culture. We also talk about some hot topics such as his single "Incredible" which mysteriously ended up on Bell Biv Devoe's latest album. J. Holiday drops a ton of gems and lets us into his world as he navigates through the music industry. We also talk about Toni Braxton's new album "Sex & Cigarettes" and all things R&B. Check out this very informative episode!


SoulBack (featuring Nokio of Dru Hill) – The R&B Podcast Episode 5

March 19, 2018

1:37: Our thoughts on Bobby V's new album "Elektrik"
5:45: The success of Tank's single "When We" and how it affects his career long term
12:10: Snoop Dogg's new gospel album
15:32: Cassie is the R&B Queen??
19:30: Nokio joins the podcast
21:00: Reflecting back on Dru Hill's debut album
22:54: Some Keith Sweat love from Nokio
27:41: Impact of 90's movie soundtracks on R&B
35:42: Did Sisqo's solo success kill off R&B groups?
38:00: Life as an A&R at Def Jam and Atlantic
51:30: Talk about Bruno Mars and cultural appropriation
1:00:23: Mortal SoulBack (Musiq Soulchild vs Keith Sweat and Faith Evans vs Monica)
1:06:09: What's on Dru Hill's rider?

This week we have Nokio from the legendary R&B group Dru Hill on the SoulBack podcast. This is a very exciting guest because he's one of the most knowledgeable artists in the game. Along with his production behind the scenes, he actually worked as an A&R for Trey Songz and helped develop his career early on, so we get to hear some label insight from him. Along with that, we talk about new music from Bobby V and Ro James. We also talk about Nokio's journey in the music industry from the group's work with Keith Sweat to their big singles on various movie soundtracks. We also touch on the Bruno Mars topic that was trending on Twitter last week. Check us out!


SoulBack (featuring Mr. Dalvin of Jodeci) - The R&B Podcast Episode 4

March 5, 2018

2:20: The use of autotune from Beyonce on DJ Khaled's new song
4:45: Xscap3's new EP "Here For It"
6:35: Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men is set to release a solo album
9:00: Bobby V's upcoming album "Elektrik"
11:35: Tim Kelley's (of Tim & Bob) new label situation SRG
16:23: Ledisi's upcoming tour with Tweet and Melanie Fiona
18:35: Kima of Total drops a new single
20:31: Return of singing on Urban radio?
24:30: Mr. Dalvin joins the podcast
25:00: Early portion of career living in New York
28:22: New single "Vindication (Get Money)"
29:40: Jodeci's impact on R&B
38:00: Legacy of K-Ci & JoJo vs Jodeci
44:12: Keeping it real on Jodeci's last album "The Past, The Present, The Future"
47:40: The state of Jodeci and Devante Swing
57:37: Seeing Missy Elliott and Biggie's potential
59:31: Mortal SoulBack (Musiq Soulchil vs Keith Sweat and Musiq Soulchild vs Joe)
1:02:20: What’s on Mr. Dalvin's tour rider?

We've had some great guests on our SoulBack podcast so far and we wanted to continue that tradition by bringing in one member of the legendary R&B group Jodeci. Mr. Dalvin joins us on the podcast to talk about the state of Jodeci as well as his solo endevaours with his label Cristo Chrome Music. We start off the podcast talking about new music from Xscap3 and Beyonce. We also talk about Tim Kelley's label situation which includes upcoming projects from the likes of Shawn Stockman and Bobby V. We also discuss the shift in radio right now as there seems to be more R&B on the charts. Dalvin touches on the upcoming Jodeci biopic and shares some stories with us about the group's journey to success. We also find out on this podcast if Musiq will making into our R&B hall of fame as he faces Joe this week.


SoulBack (featuring Case) - The R&B Podcast Episode 3

February 26, 2018

1:00: New single from  Portrait "In The Moment"
2:35: Mya's new single "You Got Me"
4:05: Musiq Soulchild and Marsha Ambrosius collaboration
5:15: Kandi going solo instead of reuniting with Xscape
13:08: We heard Toni Braxton's new album
17:00: Where is Robin Thicke's?
20:25: Playa Please award goes to Lou Bega
22:10: 10 year anniversary of Static Major's passing
26:18: Case joins the podcast
27:10: We talk about Case's "Heaven's Door" album
29:51: Fergie's national anthem fiasco
31:50: Did Pharrell and Ja Rule dumb down vocals for R&B?
44:40: The great R&B Debate: Musiq Soulchild vs Keith Sweat
53:25: Musiq Soulchild vs Montell Jordan (Mortal SoulBack edition)
1:01:15: What’s on Case's tour rider?
1:02:20: Upcoming projects from Case

Case joins us on the SoulBack podcast this week to talk about R&B. We start off the podcast talking about new music from the likes of Mya, Musiq Soulchild and Victoria Monet. We also talk about Toni Braxton's upcoming project as we've had a chance to preview some of it already. We also talk about Robin Thicke's career and give tribute to hit songwriter Static Major who passed away 10 years ago. Case talks about his upcoming project "The Love Jones Vol 2" as well as his some of his past collaborations with Pharrell, LL Cool J and Ja Rule. We get into R&B debates about vocals, artists and we see if Musiq can survive another week of Mortal SoulBack. He beat Keith Sweat last week, but will he able to gain the upper hand on Montell Jordan? Stay tuned for another great episode!


SoulBack (featuring Teedra Moses) - The R&B Podcast Episode 2

February 13, 2018

1:30: Our thoughts on Ne-Yo's new single "Good Man"
6:20: Our thoughts on Toni Braxton's new single "Long As I Live"
9:15: New R&B albums we are looking forward to
17:25: Xscape changes name to Xscap3??
18:51: Jagged Edge and 112 tour news
21:10: Bigger hit "Peaches & Cream" vs "Where The Party At?"
23:50: Reaction to Quincy Jones' legendary interview
26:52: Our beef with #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay
32:17: Playa Please award goes to Chris Brown for his world tour idea
34:16: Teedra Moses joins the podcast
38:12: The approach R&B artists need to take with releasing music
46:20: Teedra shows love to SZA, Jhene Aiko, Miguel and Bruno Mars
55:03: Did New Jack Swing kill R&B?
59:04: What’s on Teedra Moses' tour rider?
1:00:01: The great R&B Debate: Musiq Soulchild vs Keith Sweat vs Chris Brown

Kyle, Edd and Tom are back to talk more R&B with y'all. We start off the podcast talking about new music from the likes of Ne-Yo and Toni Braxton. They will be releasing albums later in the year, so we talk about what we're expecting from them as well as what we want from some of our favorite artists this year. We also talk about Xscape's name change and their plans moving forward. We touch on the upcoming 112 and Jagged Edge joint tour that will be happening this year. We react to Quincy Jones' controversial interview as well as Janet Jackson's appreciation day on social media. We also bring in our special guest Teedra Moses to talk about her upcoming projects as well as R&B from past and present. This is an episode you don't want to miss!