SoulBack (featuring Case) - The R&B Podcast Episode 3

February 26, 2018

1:00: New single from  Portrait "In The Moment"
2:35: Mya's new single "You Got Me"
4:05: Musiq Soulchild and Marsha Ambrosius collaboration
5:15: Kandi going solo instead of reuniting with Xscape
13:08: We heard Toni Braxton's new album
17:00: Where is Robin Thicke's?
20:25: Playa Please award goes to Lou Bega
22:10: 10 year anniversary of Static Major's passing
26:18: Case joins the podcast
27:10: We talk about Case's "Heaven's Door" album
29:51: Fergie's national anthem fiasco
31:50: Did Pharrell and Ja Rule dumb down vocals for R&B?
44:40: The great R&B Debate: Musiq Soulchild vs Keith Sweat
53:25: Musiq Soulchild vs Montell Jordan (Mortal SoulBack edition)
1:01:15: What’s on Case's tour rider?
1:02:20: Upcoming projects from Case

Case joins us on the SoulBack podcast this week to talk about R&B. We start off the podcast talking about new music from the likes of Mya, Musiq Soulchild and Victoria Monet. We also talk about Toni Braxton's upcoming project as we've had a chance to preview some of it already. We also talk about Robin Thicke's career and give tribute to hit songwriter Static Major who passed away 10 years ago. Case talks about his upcoming project "The Love Jones Vol 2" as well as his some of his past collaborations with Pharrell, LL Cool J and Ja Rule. We get into R&B debates about vocals, artists and we see if Musiq can survive another week of Mortal SoulBack. He beat Keith Sweat last week, but will he able to gain the upper hand on Montell Jordan? Stay tuned for another great episode!


SoulBack (featuring Teedra Moses) - The R&B Podcast Episode 2

February 13, 2018

1:30: Our thoughts on Ne-Yo's new single "Good Man"
6:20: Our thoughts on Toni Braxton's new single "Long As I Live"
9:15: New R&B albums we are looking forward to
17:25: Xscape changes name to Xscap3??
18:51: Jagged Edge and 112 tour news
21:10: Bigger hit "Peaches & Cream" vs "Where The Party At?"
23:50: Reaction to Quincy Jones' legendary interview
26:52: Our beef with #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay
32:17: Playa Please award goes to Chris Brown for his world tour idea
34:16: Teedra Moses joins the podcast
38:12: The approach R&B artists need to take with releasing music
46:20: Teedra shows love to SZA, Jhene Aiko, Miguel and Bruno Mars
55:03: Did New Jack Swing kill R&B?
59:04: What’s on Teedra Moses' tour rider?
1:00:01: The great R&B Debate: Musiq Soulchild vs Keith Sweat vs Chris Brown

Kyle, Edd and Tom are back to talk more R&B with y'all. We start off the podcast talking about new music from the likes of Ne-Yo and Toni Braxton. They will be releasing albums later in the year, so we talk about what we're expecting from them as well as what we want from some of our favorite artists this year. We also talk about Xscape's name change and their plans moving forward. We touch on the upcoming 112 and Jagged Edge joint tour that will be happening this year. We react to Quincy Jones' controversial interview as well as Janet Jackson's appreciation day on social media. We also bring in our special guest Teedra Moses to talk about her upcoming projects as well as R&B from past and present. This is an episode you don't want to miss!


SoulBack (featuring Kevin Ross) - The R&B Podcast Episode 1

February 8, 2018

1:30: What is SoulBack?
2:45: Craig David's new album
5:15: Justin Timberlake's new album
12:55: Does he deserve the backlash he's getting on the internet?
23:40: TLC gets our very first Playa Please award for computer meltdown
26:13: Kevin Ross joins the podcast
28:10: RIP Leah Labelle
31:13: Bruno Mars winning big at the Grammy's
34:30: Has Bruno Mars opened up the doors for R&B?
41:30: Best Buy is discontinuing the sales of CDs
52:25: Ranking Michael Jackson's discography
55:05: Upcoming project from Kevin Ross
58:35: What's on Kevin Ross' tour rider?

Welcome to the launch of SoulBack! The new and improved pocast will fill your R&B needs and then some. On this episode, we talk about some new music that come out in the last two weeks including the release of Craig David's new album "The Time Is Now" as well as Justin TImberlake's "Man Of The Woods" project. We also dive deep into the internet's dislike for Justin Timberlake. We also talk about TLC's concert disaster in Australia last week. Our special guest R&B singer/songwriter Kevin Ross joins us on the podcast to talk about big R&B topics such as the passing of Leah Labelle as well as Bruno Mars' dominating win at the Grammy's. We also talk about our first CDs ever purchased and learn more about Kevin's upcoming album.


Last Episode Ever – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #73

January 22, 2018

2:55: Our podcast retirement party
5:20: Top 100 songs of 2017 discussion
16:51: Justin Timberlake's new singles "Filthy" and "Supplies"
30:47: Cardi B's addition to Bruno Mar's "Finesse"
36:25: Keith Sweat's new single with K-Ci Hailey
42:10: New singles from Xscape, Toni Braxton and Bobby V
48:03: Tinashe's evolution as an artist
52:30: Our thoughts on Justine Skye's debut album "Ultraviolet"
58:34: Ruzz Endz is back
1:10:14: Anticipating Craig David's new album

We're starting off 2018 with some sad news as this will be the last episode for the YouKnowIGotSoul and SoulInStereo podcast! We've had a great run but all good things must come to an end unfortunately. However before we disappear, we figured we might as well give you some more R&G talk! We start off the podcast talking about the top songs from 2017 which we published on the website a few weeks ago. We also talk about Justin Timberlake's new singles "Supplies" and "Filthy". We also talk about the new remix of "Finesse" by Bruno Mars and Cardi B. Afterwards, we talk about the new single from Keith Sweat and K-Ci from Jodeci. We also talk about Tinashe's evolution as an artist after the release of her new single "No Drama" with Offset. Some exciting news for everyone, Ruff Endz is back with a new album so we talk about their reunion. Stay tuned for new music in 2018 as we just got Justine Skye's debut last week and we'll have more albums to come very soon. It's been awesome having you guys tune into our podcast every week! Thank you.


The Bumpy Road Ahead For K. Michelle – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #72

December 24, 2017

2:46: K. Michelle's low first week sales
7:44: What will her legacy be like in 10 years?
12:35: Chris Brown just dropped another 12 songs
17:50: What if an artist just released songs from their vault and presented it as a new album?
25:10: Jennifer Hudson releases new single "Burden Down"
26:25: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Jennifer Hudson
30:35: The challenges of 2000's artists and touring
34:00: Recent lawsuit against Chante Moore
37:20: Songs of the year
41:55: Pay attention to Tone Stith
49:40: Mariah Carey is back on the Billboard charts
51:46: Food discussion

Christmas is just around the corner and we couldn't leave you without one more podcast episode before the holidays started. We start off the podcast talking about K. Michelle's low first week sales. She's been on the highest selling R&B artists over the last 5 years, so it's definitely concerning to see her numbers. We discuss whether she has enough hits to ride out as a legacy artist if she's done as a mainstream artist. We also discuss Chris Brown's discussion to drop another 12 songs to add onto his already released 45. We bring up an idea to increase album sames which is to just release unreleased music from an artists prime. We also talk about Jennifer Hudson's legacy as both an artist and a celebrity. We also touch on some of our favorite songs of the year by various artists including Tone Stith who we predict will have a great year in 2018. See you all next year!


Best R&B Albums In 2017 – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #71

December 15, 2017

0:20: Our thoughts on K. Michelle’s new album
7:35: Is it okay for R&B artists to do other genres if they’re passionate about it?
13:45: Miguel’s first week sales
20:45: The best three letter R&B artist debate
25:30: Justine Skye’s potential as the next R&B star
29:13: Best R&B albums in 2017
48:45: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Mary J. Blige

It’s been a crazy week for R&B! K. Michelle dropped her new album “KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know” and went off on her entire label. We were a little more civilized with our approach but we also have some things to get off our chest. We start off the podcast talking about K. Michelle’s new project and look at her career. We talk about her desire to do Country music and how that will affect her career. We also talk about Miguel’s first week album sales and dsicuss whether he’ll be able to bounce back. We also spend some time talking about Justine Skye’s upcoming album “Ultraviolet” which is definitely one of the albums we’re looking forward to next year. We also talk about some of our favorite R&B albums of the year which include Glenn Lewis, Tone Stith, Kevin Ross and Musiq Soulchild. For our hall of fame discussion, we try to nominate Mary J. Blige.


R&B Predictions At The 2018 Grammys – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #70

December 4, 2017

0:35: Keith Sweat's picture with 21 Savage
2:45: Grammy talk
35:40: Our thoughts on Miguel's new album "War & Leisure"
39:52: En Vogue's comeback
45:05: Craig David returns with new music
47:40: The struggle for artists to release a debut album after 2010
51:30: The idea of linking new R&B artists with Pop acts like SZA and Maroon 5
59:15: R&B community accepting Jessie J with open arms
1:01:15: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Usher and Lalah Hathaway

The Grammy nominations are out and it's apparently Bruno mania on the internet right now. Over here, Tom is celebrating Musiq Soulchild's nomination like it's 1999 all over again. On this episode, we run down each R&B category at the Grammy's to talk about the likes of Bruno Mars, SZA, Daniel Caesar, Childish Gambino and Ledisi. We also talk about some snubs at the Grammy which include Mary J. Blige and Tamar Braxton.. Afterwards we talk about Miguel's new album "War & Leisure" and look at where it stands in terms of his discography. We also talk about the two new singles that En Vogue put out last week including the Snoop Dogg feature. We also talk about the success of Craig David over the last decade despite the lack of radio hits. We also talk about different approaches that would lead to more exposure for new R&B artists such as putting them with Pop acts. This is all due to new artists struggling to release debut albums after 2010. We also talk about Jessie J's performance at the Soul Train awards and whether her transition into R&B will work for her career. For our hall of fame discussion, we try to nominate Usher and Lalah Hathaway.


We Are Thankful For Great R&B Comebacks Like Xscape’s – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #69

November 26, 2017

2:16: Kyle meets Ashanti (and Ja Rule)
11:15: Thoughts on Ashanti's new single
15:50: Thoughts on Lalah Hathaway's "Honestly" album
19:13: DAY26's comeback single "4 Shots"
22:10: Dru Hill drops a new Christmas album
24:50: Has Miguel's window closed to become a superstar?
27:45: The return of T-Pain
33:40: Xscape's comeback and their tour
37:07: Tyrese's social media antics
39:00: Mariah Carey sign with Roc Nation
48:58: Stephanie Mills statement about the state of R&B
52:06: Discussion about alternative R&B artists

Happy thanksgiving to all the R&B lovers! We have been gone a few weeks due to family priorities and the flu that's been going around, but we are finally back. We start off the podcast talking about the much anticipated meeting between Kyle and his favorite artist Ashanti. We also talk about her new single "Say "Less". We also talk about the releases of some new music from the likes of Lalah Hathaway, Boyz II Men, DAY26 and Dru Hill. We also talk about some of Miguel's new releases including "Pineapple Skies" and whether he still has time to be the next R&B superstar. We also talk about the return of T-Pain and whether his contributions in R&B have damaged the genre for good.

We also talk about Xscape's impressive comeback and how it compares to TLC's from earlier this year. We also talk about some recent news including Tyrese's social media meltdown, Mariah Carey's new management and Stephanie Mill's statement about R&B today versus Pop artists. Lastly we have a discussion about the success from the likes of SZA, Syd and Daniel Caesar. We try to figure out if them being successful if it's a win for the genre of R&B if they don't label themselves as R&B artists. No hall of fame this week, but lots of great discussion!


Our Halloween Consisted Of 45 Damn Chris Brown Songs – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #68

November 4, 2017

2:20: Review of Chris Brown's new album "Heartbreak On A Full Moon"
19:25: Review of 112's new album "Q Mike Slim Daron"
30:00: Were R&B fans pissed when Usher dropped "Yeah!"?
31:20: Is Sam Smith the king of blue eyed soul?
34:00: Tyrese's meltdown on social media
37:05: Our twitter beef with Keyshia Cole continues
43:35: Our thoughts on some of the new R&B artists
1:01:45: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Gerald Levert

We are back with a new podcast and we have a lot to talk about! We start off the podcast talking about Chris Brown's new album "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" which has a grand total of 45 songs. We talk about the marketing behind the project, his cheat sheet to beating the Billboard charts and his decision to release the album on a Tuesday instead of Friday. We try to figure out if it was necessary to have 45 songs and if it would have been a better album if it was trimmed to the traditional 12.

We also talk about 112's comeback album "Q Mike Slim Daron" and see if it's a nice addition to their legendary discography. We look at their decision to adapt to the current sound of R&B and if they successfully pulled it off. The conversation leads to one about 2004 when the crunk sound came in and shifted the sound of the genre to a more Hip Hop driven vibe. Afterwards we debate who the king of blue eyed soul is.

We also touch on some crazy thing that have happened on social media including Tyrese's meltdown on Instagram as well as our internet beef with Keyshia Cole. We also spend a good portion of the podcast talking about new R&B artists who have taken the world by storm such a SZA, H.E.R. and Brent Faiyaz. For our hall of fame discussion, we try to nominate Gerald Levert.


Please Unblock Us Keyshia Cole, We Love You! – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #67

October 23, 2017

2:00: Review on Keyshia Cole's new album "11:11 Reset"
8:20: 112 and Jagged Edge's new collaboration single
11:40: Why are a lot of R&B songs missing the feeling these days?
20:00: Keyshia Cole's low album sales
29:40: H.E.R. releases new music
34:00: Revisiting Tweet's debut album "Southern Hummingbird"
38:00: Discussing why R&B has fallen out of the mainstream
56:30: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Keyshia Cole

This week Keyshia Cole released her new album "11:11 Reset" and of course we have plenty things to say about it. In previous episodes of the podcast, we have joked about our Twitter beef with Keyshia but we're actually huge supporters of her music. We talk about some of the highs on the album including the song "Right Time" along with some of the bad such as her first week sales. We also talk about the new 112 and Jagged Edge single "Both Of Us". Some have complained about the use of autotune on the record, but we thought the song was pretty solid! We also talk about the usage of autotune and if it's the reason that a lot of songs are missing the feeling that we got from classic R&B songs.

We also talk about the release of Kenny Lattimore's new album "Vulnerlable" and H.E.R.'s "B-Sides project". We also revisit Tweet's debut album and try to figure out if people were mad that the Timbaland singles sounded nothing like the rest of the album.

Lastly for this week's Hall Of Fame discussion, we try to nominate none other than Keyshia Cole.