The SoulBack R&B Podcast

The SoulBack R&B Podcast: Episode 55 (featuring Eric Roberson)

June 27, 2019

0:00:37 – How do you eat your chicken wings? (part 3)
0:03:38 – Raheem DeVaughn is dropping a second album in less than a year
0:08:05 – The necessity of putting a rapper on an R&B song today
0:14:00 – Sabrina Claudio’s new record with Wale
0:17:15 – Intro is back!
0:23:35 – More R&B king talk with Jacquees and Keith Sweat
0:27:10 – Eric Roberson joins the #SoulBackPodcast
0:28:14 – Eric Roberson’s consistent quality with his music
0:30:23 – The art of writing a sad song
0:34:00 – The journey as an independent artist
0:41:30 – Maintaining an artist’s individuality
0:48:15 – Legendary artists that are chasing trends
0:54:06 – How do we tell the new generation that trap music isn’t R&B?
1:08:28 – Playa Please Awards: Miley Cyrus begs for forgiveness from Hip Hop fans, KFC’s new Cheetos sandwich, Nelly’s tweet about Obama