Special #AskYKIGS Edition – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #50

May 1, 2017

2:05: Fyre Festival disaster
6:00: Tamar Braxton's new single
8:00: The release of Mary J. Blige's new album
12:52: H.E.R. announces second installment of EP series
19:31: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Jon B and Brandy
30:52: #AskYKIGS (Tom's diet, Edd's thoughts on the "Black Panties" album, Kyle's singing talents, etc)
1:20:00: Love Letter feature
1:24:10: Food discussion

Welcome to episode number 50 of our podcast! It's been quite a journey since we started this thing over a year ago and we're excited to reach this milestone. We start off the podcast talking about the Fyre Festival which has been all over social media for the last few days. We talk about the cheese sandwiches they were serving as well as Ja Rule's role in the whole fiasco. Afterwards we talk about some new R&B releases that came out last week including Tamar Braxton's new single "My Man". We discuss her new label name Tamartian Land Records.

Afterwards we talk about Mary J. Blige's new album "Strength Of A Woman" and our thoughts on the album. A lot of people were expecting the second coming of "My Life" but we review the album for what it is. We talk about the good as well as the bad for the album. We also talk about Gabi Wilson's H.E.R. project and what we can expect from the second volume of the EP series. We talk about the marketing campaign for H.E.R. and predict what she will do this time around.

We also get into more of our hall of fame discussion and nominate two of the site's most popular artists. Jon B and Brandy are both fan favorites so we'll see who gets inducted! Afterwards we dive into our special discussion which consists of questions submitted by the readers as part of our #AskYKIGS segment. We go through a bunch of questions regarding musical trends, the history of music as well as our personal lives.

We finish the podcast by debuting our brand new "Love Letter" feature where Edd gives advice to Mario Winans on his relationship problems. The final food discussion ever was brief, but we talked about turkey legs.


Damn, R&B Needs a Kendrick Lamar – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #49

April 24, 2017

0:57: New album releases
4:50: Chris Brown announces new album and documentary
9:19: Usher's new haircut
13:22: The savior of R&B was supposed to arrive in 2012
27:15: Top 10 Best Male R&B vocalists today
47:50: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: SWV and Musiq Soulchild
1:01:35: Food discussion

We caught a lot of heat for our last podcast when we ranked the top female vocalists in the game and we're sure this episode will have very similar results! We start off the podcast talking about some of the new albums that came out last week including Avery*Sunshine, PJ Morton and Eric Roberson. Afterwards we talk about the upcoming release of Chris Brown's album "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" as well as the documentary "Welcome To My Life". We discuss Chris Brown's career and why he feels the need to put out a movie in theaters.

It's not a podcast unless we talk about Usher and he makes it easy for us this week as he dyed his hair recently. This leads to a deeper discussion on whether he can still be the savior of R&B. We rewind the clock back to 2012 when he released "Climax" which we thought would impact R&B in the way that Kendrick Lamar has for Hip Hop. We also talk about some younger artists who we thought could help shift the genre such as Miguel and Luke James.

Our special topic for this week is some of our favorite male R&B vocalists in the game. Our discussion was sparked by Edd’s list that he published on his website, so we give our thoughts on it and also add some names to it. Some artists that we talked about include Brian McKnight, Joe and Craig David. We also get into more of our hall of fame discussion and nominate SWV and Musiq Soulchild for this wee.

For our food discussion, we talk about various things including McDonald sauces and the new Starbucks unicorn drink.


Top 10 Best Female R&B Vocalists Today – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #48

April 17, 2017

4:00: Podcast journey
5:32: TLC’s new single “Way Back”
10:55: Sisqo’s remake of the “Thong Song” aka the “LeBron song”
13:05: Mariah Carey’s joint venture deal with Epic
16:00: LeToya Luckett announces new album coming soon
19:35: Ranking the top 10 Best Female R&B Vocalists today
45:50: Whatever happened to Zhane?
48:12: Ashanti comments from readers on last podcast
51:50: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Lil’ Mo and Toni Braxton
1:03:45: Food discussion

Our last podcast was our most successful episode yet, so we had to bring our A game with this podcast. With all the Ashanti hate that came in last week, Kyle had to come through and defend her. We start off the podcast by talking about TLC’s new single “Way Back” and our thoughts on the throwback sound that they brought to the table. We also talk about the impact of Bruno Mars’ latest album now that it has been out for a few months. We also touch on some of the R&B songs that have turned into memes on the internet including Next’s “Too Close” and now Sisqo’s “Thong Song”.

Afterwards we talk about upcoming projects from Mariah Carey and LeToya. It was recently announced that Mariah has signed a joint venture with Epic and she will also be launching her own label. We give our thoughts on what kind of artists she could be looking to sign. We also discuss LeToya’s hiatus from music and her return with the new album.

Our special topic for this week is some of our favorite female R&B vocalists in the game. Our discussion was sparked by Edd’s list that he published on his website, so we give our thoughts on it and also add some names to it. Some artists that we talked about include Tamia, Brandy, Ciara, Jazmine Sullivan and Faith Evans.

For our milk carton edition, we talk about the R&B group duo Zhane and try to figure out where they are right now. We also get into more of our hall of fame discussion and nominate Lil’ Mo and Toni Braxton. The conversation about Toni Braxton sparks up another debate about Ashanti. For our food discussion this week, we talk about our favorite cakes.

Check us out!!!


Preparing The Funeral Arrangements for R&B – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #47

April 9, 2017

0:55: TLC needs your help with the title for new album
2:40: New albums from Mack Wilds and Adrian Marcel
11:24: The appeal of stealing being Mr. Steal Your Girl
13:51: Tyrese's comments about Usher's trendy music
20:50: The similarities between the TV show Empire and R Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet"
24:00: Funeral for dying genre of R&B
37:55: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Jodeci and Ashanti
52:05: Food discussion

We received a lot of comments for our last podcast episode, so we felt it was necessary to come back as soon as possible to give you guys another one! We start off the podcast talking about TLC. In previous episodes, we've discussed their kick starter for the upcoming, the new single with Snoop Dogg and now they're asking the fans to help them with the title of the project. We also talk about the release of some new projects such as Mack Wilds' "AfterHours" and Adrian Marcel's "GMFU". We discuss whether Mack Wilds will be in our top 10 songs of the year for the third consecutive time.

Afterwards we talk about the concept of stealing another person's girlfriend with the release of Trey Songz's latest album as well as the title of a song on Mack Wilds' new album. Then we talk about a comment Tyrese made about Usher on a radio interview where he mentioned that "Confessions" was more grown and mature than the last album "Hard II Love". We discuss the validity of that statement and if Tyrese makes a good point.

We also talk about some upcoming projects that we can be expecting such as Justin Timberlake and Sam Smith. Both artists have been in the studio with Timbaland. We also talk about the long wait for Empire actor Jussie Smollett's debut album and wonder why it hasn't been released yet. We also discuss whether we think "Trapped In The Closet" is an R&B classic.

For our main discussion, we talk about the fact that R&B is pretty much dead. We debate whether the genre can ever recover from the damage. Afterwards we discuss a couple of potential inductions into the R&B hall of fame. This week we talk about Jodeci as well as Ashanti. In our food discussion we talk about what an appropriate dish to bring to a house party is and whether we should be allowed to grab our food item back if it hasn't been touched.


Someone Needs To Tell Mary J. Blige To Hit Us Up – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #46

April 3, 2017

1:07: New music from Leela James, Daley, Jill Scott, La’Porsha Renae and more
6:00: Mary J. Blige collaboration with Kanye West
12:35: Impact of LSG compared to TGT
18:00: Discussing each Mary J. Blige album
35:14: Edd addresses the podcast haters
39:55: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Brian McKnight and Deborah Cox
48:12: Whatever happened to Tony Rich?
50:40: Food discussion

Major League Baseball is back soon and guess what? We are back as well! We start off the podcast talking about some of the new releases in R&B this week including the release of Leela James’ new album “Did It For Love” as well as La’Porsha Renae’s “Already All Ready”. We also talk about Daley’s new duet with Jill Scott which is an early contender for song of the year. We also talk about the impact of LSG and if they were hyped as much as TGT.

Afterwards we talk about Mary J. Blige’s new collaboration with Kanye West on the song “Love Yourself”. We discuss the marketing for the upcoming album “Strength Of A Woman” and our expectations for it. Then we discuss Mary J. Blige’s discography and try to decide to which CDs we would call a classic.

We get into the R&B hall of fame and determine whether Brian McKnight and Deborah Cox belong in it. For the Milk carton edition, we discuss the career of Tony Rich. As for the food discussion, we discuss what is an appropriate time for people to be drinking soda in the morning.

Lots to talk about in this week’s R&B. Check us out!


Introducing The R&B Hall Of Fame – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #45

March 27, 2017

1:55: Tom apologizes to TLC once again
3:25: Thoughts on Trey Songz’s new album “Tremaine”
7:43: Tamar Braxton’s new deal with eOne
13:21: Is Keith Sweat the sexiest man alive?
15:00: Adina Howard is coming back with new music
17:37: Whatever happened to Sam Salter?
19:40: The R&B Hall of Fame (D’Angelo, Trey Songz, Keith Sweat, Alicia Keys, Tyrese, Aaliyah, Dru Hill and Erykah Badu)
47:35: Food discussion

We are back with a brand new podcast! We start off the show like the last few as Tom has to apologize to TLC one more time. Not too long ago, Tom talked about how much he disliked Ed Sheeran’s new single but we just found out that he borrowed the melody from TLC’s “No Scrubs”. Afterwards we talk about Trey Songz’s new album and give our thoughts on “Tremaine”. We also talk about his place in R&B right now and predict his album sales first week.

We then talk about Tamar Braxton’s deal with eOne. She left Epic not too long ago and now has signed a million dollar deal with the indie label eOne. We also talk about some other comebacks from the likes of Cherish and Adina Howard. We also discuss a flyer we saw for an upcoming Keith Sweat event and the promoter put on there that Keith was the sexiest man alive.

For our milk carton feature, we talk about Sam Salter and try to figure out where’s he gone. Then we talk about our new segment which is the R&B Hall Of Fame. We list out some artists that we think belong on the R&B hall of fame and we discuss why they should or shouldn’t be on there. Some artists on there include Aaliyah, Dru Hill and Trey Songz. Lastly we get into our food discussion where we talk about the sauces at McDonalds and how you can now get them in the grocery stores.


March Madness: 112 vs Jagged Edge vs Dru Hill vs Next – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #44

March 20, 2017

0:15: TLC's "I Love The 90s Tour" with Montell Jordan and Naughty By Nature
4:50: Patti LaBelle announces new album
6:04: Patti pies and cobblers
7:25: Weird time in Trey Songz career
12:05: Review on Kevin Ross' debut CD "The Awakening"
17:15: 112 vs Jagged Edge vs Dru Hill vs Next
32:02: Top vocalist for male and female R&B groups
35:06: Whatever happened to Gina Thompson?
43:45: Food discussion
53:40: Songs that made us feel old

YouKnowIGotSoul is back with another podcast and for the second week straight, Tom is apologizing to the TLC fans for something! The group announced that they'll be hitting the road this summer for their "I Love The 90s Tour" and this all happened shortly after we commented on how the group hasn't toured in forever. We talk about the impact of these nostalgia tours and if they're dangerous for an artist.

We also talk about some new R&B albums that are due out later this year including Trey Songz, Kevin Ross and Patti LaBelle. We discuss different marketing ideas that Patti can incorporate into her new album such as her Patti pies. We talk about the state of Trey Songz's career and where he fits in today's R&B world with the addition of all the trap music that's going on. Kyle gives a quick review on Kevin Ross' debut album and calls out every other R&B media outlet for not covering him even though "Long Song Away" is one of the top songs on the Urban AC chats right now.

Afterwards we debate a topic that's been talked about for over 20 years now and that's of course the 112 vs Jagged Edge vs Dru Hill vs Next battle. We take turns ranking into group's discography to see where their music lands on our lists. We each have different opinions on their projects but we can all conclude that every group had some real classics. We then talk about Gina Thompson and try to figure out what she's up to these days. We finish the podcast by talking about french fries and try to figure out which fast food chain has the best ones. Somehow McDonalds is not number one but you'll have to listen to see who ends up winning.


Hip Hop Needs To Leave RnB Alone – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #43

March 13, 2017

0:26: Reflecting on Notorious B.I.G. –
2:45: Faith Evans’ duet album “King and I”
4:52: Could Joe be replacing Ginuwine for TGT?
8:03: The quiet promotion for Trey Songz’s upcoming album “Tremaine”
13:31: La’Porsha Renae controversial comments
15:55: Apology to TLC fans
26:02: Whatever happened to Jesse Powell?
28:52: 2006 was the last great year for both R&B and Hip Hop
33:26: Hip Hop needs to leave R&B alone
41:10: What artists killed R&B?
46:45: Album title challenge
49:55: Food discussion

YouKnowIGotSoul is back with another podcast after a week of listening to Biggie Smalls. We start off the podcast reminiscing on the greatness of Biggie as well as his legendary verse on 112’s song “Only You”. We also talk about Faith Evans’ upcoming album titled “King and I” and our expectations for the album. Afterwards we talk about Tyrese’s recent actions including his upcoming rap album as well his comments on Joe’s instagram page. We theorize on whether Tyrese is approaching Joe with the idea of joining the supergroup that was once known as TGT.

We then talk about some of the upcoming R&B releases such as Trey Songz’s upcoming album “Tremaine”. We talk about how there hasn’t been a lot of promo for the album aside from the music videos. There is no Trey Songz single at radio right now, so we discuss what his plans are for releasing the album. We also talk about Motown’s La’Porsha Renae controversial comments about homosexuality and whether this will end up being promo for her upcoming album “All Ready Already”.

Afterwards Tom apologies to the TLC fans for misinforming everyone about the kickstarter that the group had for their upcoming album. It turns out that the group has been updating everyone who contributed to the kickstarter. Afterwards we try to figure out where 90’s R&B artist Jesse Powell has disappeared to. Edd takes it back to 2006 as he lists some of the best projects that came out that year and explains why that time was so great for R&B and Hip HOp. Kyle brings up some artists that may have contributed to the downfall of R&B and we talk about who we feel is responsible for the music on the radio today.

The food discussion this week is the fake chicken at Subway as well as the new home delivery service by McDonalds.


Tales Of An Emerging Artist - YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #42 (Special Guest Gaetano)

March 8, 2017

2:40: Ashanti vs Tamia on the Fabolous hit "Into You"
6:00: Xscape's return to music
11:15: TLC's upcoming album
16:35: R&B Trivia
19:44: Discussing Billboard's article about Chris Brown
22:30: Gaetano shares experience at "The Making Of The Band"
29:11: Story about meetings with label executives
41:25: Food discussion

The podcast team is back to bring you another episode about R&B! This week we are joined by our good friend and emerging artist Gaetano. Most recently he got a placement on the Fat Joe and Remy Ma album "Plata O Plomo" so it was the perfect time to bring him back to our podcast.

We start off the podcast debating whether the Ashanti version of Fabolous' 2003 hit "Into You" was better than Tamia's. Afterwards we discuss the challenges that an artist from the 2000's would have if they were to release music in today's music industry. Then we talk about the breaking news about the return of the R&B group Xscape. The group which consists of Kandi, Tiny, Tamika and LaTocha will be making new music in the near future, so we discussed the importance of them as a group and whether they needed their mentor Jermaine Dupri in order for this comeback to be successful.

We also talk about the upcoming TLC album. The group put together a kickstarter more than two years ago and raised more than $400,000 to create a new album, but nothing came out of that until now. They've announced they will be releasing an album sometime this summer. As usual, we ask Edd about his thoughts about Chris Brown's recent problems. Billboard put together an article recently discussing his alleged drug issues, so we weigh in on everything.

Lastly, Gaetano shares his experiences in the music industry. If you remember from our last episode, we've had a lot of challenges dealing with unprofessional-ism in the industry and it turns out up and coming artists like Gaetano go through the same thing as well. He discusses what happened at label meetings he was a part of and how it all fell through the crackers.

The food discussion for this week is about cake! We all love cake.


The Music Industry Almost Destroyed Us At The Start - YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #41

February 26, 2017

0:48: New Charlie Wilson album
3:10: Lionel Richie’s tour with Mariah Carey postponed
3:50: New Glenn Lewis project with DJ Jazzy Jeff
6:32: Mary J. Blige’s new single
11:22: Tank’s concert setlist
13:00: 112’s comeback
16:55: Soulquarius R&B festival
22:00: Music industry stories with YouKnowIGotSoul
39:05: Thoughts on Grammy awards for R&B categories
44:40: Food discussion

We are back with another podcast! With Edd too busy covering the Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma beef, Kyle and Tom take over to discuss the latest in R&B this week. We start off by talking about Charlie Wilson’s latest album “In it To Win It” which ended up selling around 50k first week. We talk about the longevity of Uncle Charlie and how he’s been able to continually tour at his current age. We also talk about his marketing strategy to integrate his album sales into his concert tickets. Afterwards we talk about Glenn Lewis’ new project “Chasing Goosebumps” with DJ Jazzy Jeff. We discuss Jazzy Jeff’s influence on R&B as well as Glenn Lewis’ hiatus since the release of his last album.

Later on we talk about the release of Mary J. Blige’s new single “U + Me (Love Lesson)”. We discuss the impact that song will have on radio and whether it will match the success of her current single “Thick Of It”. We then talk about 112’s upcoming project. They are now signed to a label so expect some new music from them later this year.

Afterwards we talk about some of our experiences dealing with people in the music industry. Not all of them have been positive, but it’s fun to look back at them in retrospect and laugh about some of the stories. There have been numerous times where we had to wait a long time for interviews. We also look at moments where interviews were cancelled the very last minute. Afterwards, we run through the Grammy awards to give our thoughts on the winners as well as the Grammy committee.

For our food discussion, we talk about Chinese food and the concept of that type of cuisine in the hood. We try to find out why there is a need for bullet proof windows in those areas. This is a podcast you don’t want to miss!