The Case For Putting Drake In The R&B Hall Of Fame – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #58

July 17, 2017

0:40: Review of I Love The 90s Tour with TLC, Naughty By Nature and Montell Jordan
6:00: Whatever happened to Montell Jordan?
8:00: Sevyn Streeter's new album "Girl Disrupted"
16:43: Daley's new album "The Spectrum"
21:25: New singles from Deborah Cox, Vivian Green, Dondria, June's Diary
25:32: 112 debuts new single "Strawberry"
29:53: Jagged Edge Unsung episode and new album "Layover"
41:13: Why didn't Dawn Robinson become a superstar after leaving En Vogue?
44:10: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Joe and Drake

It looks like the R&B gods heard us after we complained about the lack of music being released over the past month because we have a lot to talk about this week. We start off the podcast talking about the throwback tour that TLC is headlining with Montell Jordan and Naughty By Nature. Afterwards we get into the career of Montell Jordan and talk about his current plans in music.

We get into some of the new releases that came out over the last two weeks including Sevyn Streeter's "Girl Disrupted", Daley's "The Spectrum" and Jagged Edge's "Layover". We point out some of the highlights in each of the albums as well as the disappointment we experienced with them, especailly Jagged Edge's. The combination of trendy sounds and autotuned vocals didn't help their case at all. We also talk about some new singles from the likes of Deborah Cox, Vivian Green, Dondria Nicole, June's Diary and of course the much anticipated release of 112's comeback single "Strawberry". We also talk about the career of Dawn Robinson and why we feel she wasn't able to make that leap into superstardom as a solo artist. We also talk about Tank's new single "When We" and whether it's fair to criticize him because he did warn us that he was going to stop making real R&B a few albums back.

Lastly for the hall of fame, we try to induct everyone's favorite artist Joe as well as popular rapper Drake.


Mid-Year R&B Music Review 2017 – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #57

June 26, 2017

1:40: Should we talk about alternative R&B acts such as The Internet, SZA and Bryson Tiller on this podcast?
5:35: Tribute to Prodigy of Mobb Deep
10:20: Gearing up for the release of TLC's new album
17:00: Jagged Edge releasing new album along with Unsung episode next month
20:35: Review of Stokley's new album "Introducing Stokley"
23:30: The best albums of 2017 so far
28:00: Our thoughts on H.E.R. performing at BET Experience
30:45: Favorite songs of 2017 so far
35:05: The impact of DJ Khaled on Urban music right now
41:10: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Janet Jackson and Eric Benet
59:00: Love letters feature

We are back with another podcast. We start off the podcast talking about some recent news including the passing of Mobb Deep's Prodigy as well as upcoming releases from TLC and Jagged Edge. TLC's long awaited album comes out next week while Jagged Edge's will be releasing their CD to coincide with their episode of Unsung which airs next month. We also review Stokley's new album which came out last week. We also debate whether we should be talking about new artists such as Th Internet, SZA and Bryson Tiller on the podcast.

Along with that, we discuss some of our favorite albums that came out this year including Kevin Ross, Avery Sunshine and DJ Jazzy Jeff. We also talk about some of the albums that were just okay in our opinion including Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz and Charlie Wilson. We also talk about some of our favorite songs of the year so far from the likes of Musiq Soulchild, LeToya Luckett and Mali Music.

We also get into some more current news in music such as the impact of DJ Khaled and how it affects the genre of R&B. For our hall of fame discussion, we nominate Janet Jackson and Eric Benet. As usual, the debate gets pretty heated. We conclude the podcast talking about Tamia's career. Check out another episode of our podcast!!


The Glaring Absence Of Male R&B Sex Symbols – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #56

June 19, 2017

1:24: Omarion's cover of Earth, Wind & Fire's song "Reasons"
7:20: Mario's new single "Pain Is The New Pleasure"
10:45: Tank releases lead single "When We"
14:50: Love & Hip Hop's Tammy Rivera collaborating with Rico Love
21:35: Review on H.E.R.'s "Vol 2" project
33:06: The Glaring Absence Of Male R&B Sex Symbols
44:40: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Kelis and Boyz II Men

We complained about how slow R&B was the last podcast, so it looks like the R&B gods heard us loud and clear as numerous artists put out new singles this week. We start off talking about Omarion's cover of the classic Earth, Wind & Fire song "Reasons". We try to disregard the Maurice White comparisons and judge the cover for what it is. Afterwards, we talk about the release of legendary R&B singer Chaka Khan's new single with B. Slade. Afterwards we talk about Mario's song "Pain Is The New Pleasure" which will serve as the lead single for his upcoming project "Cosmo 17".

Later we talk about Tank's new trendy single "When We" which will be lead single for his new album "Savage". We talk about Tammy Rivera's new single "All Theses Kisses" and discuss which R&B stars have been able to create a career from reality TV. The two that come to mind are Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle. Then we get into our review on H.E.R.'s new project "Volume 2". We were huge fans of the first project, so we went into this one with huge expectations. For our main discussion, we talk about the lack of male R&B sex symbols in today's music industry. We talk about whether that's hurting R&B as a whole as there are no more people that speak to the ladies anymore.

For our R&B hall of fame discussion, we talk about Kelis and Boyz II Men.


Prediction On R&B Music 5 Years From Now – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #55

June 12, 2017

2:35: Ashanti's upcoming album
6:23: 112's upcoming album
15:50: Bryson Tiller's sampling of 90's R&B music
21:50: Is Jhene Aiko the R&B savior?
27:19: Culture vultures in R&B
31:25: LaFace Records legacy
38:45: Prediction On R&B Music 5 Years From Now
47:05: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Tamia, Chris Brown and H-Town
1:06:50: Love letters feature

R&B was very slow this week, but we're still here to bring you some entertainment. We first talk about Ashanti's upcoming album as she announced on social media recently that she's completed recording the project. We also talk about 112's upcoming album which is set to come out in October on eOne. We predict whether the comeback will be a success for them and we also discuss what we can expect from the project. Afterwards we talk about Bryson Tiller's new album and the samples that he used on the album. We also touch on the new trendy singles from Ledisi and Stokley Williams.

Afterwards we talk about Jhene Aiko's new single "While We're Young" and where she fits into today's landscape of R&B. We also talk about the new R&B/Hip Hop influenced records from Pop acts such as One Direction, Miley Cyrus and Adele. We talk about whether they hurt the culture by borrowing sounds from the genre. We then get into a conversation about LaFace Records and some of the great things that came from the era of Babyface and LA Reid. We also look at R&B 5 years from now and try to predict what will be happening in the genre. For our hall of fame discussion, we talk about Tamia, Chris Brown and H-Town.


If Retirement Is The New Thing To Do Then Count Us In – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #54

June 6, 2017

1:36: Ne-Yo's new single "Another Love Song"
3:14: Discussing Ne-Yo and what genre he fits into
4:14: Are The Weeknd and Frank Ocean R&B artists?
14:05: Meeting younger R&B fans
20:25: Mali Music's new album "The Transition of Mali"
22:15: T-Boz's rumored solo album
28:22: Update on Aaliyah and Static Major's legacy
35:41: Tank's performance at Pride Parade
41:40: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: H-Town and Christopher Williams
43:10: Another discussion on Keyshia Cole's career

Tom and Kyle are back with another podcast. It was a pretty spontaneous episode for us as we didn't know whether Edd was going to be on the podcast, so we had to freestyle our way through it. The result was actually solid as we talked about new and old R&B. We start off the podcast talking about Ne-Yo's new single which is Poppy with sort of a disco vibe to it. Afterwards we talk about the outlook of Ne-Yo's career and try to see where he can go with his next album. We also talk about his sound and whether it's fair to classify him as R&B. We also try to figure out if we can put The Weeknd and Frank Ocean in the same category as Charlie Wilson when we talk about pure R&B.

Afterwards we talk about Mali Music's new album as well as the rumored solo album from T-Boz. We also talk about younger R&B listeners and debate whether they appreciate ballads and real vocals. We agree that they probably don't listen to R&B songs for vocals anymore because that's not what they're exposed to. Afterwards we talk about whether there needs to be a new Aaliyah album as it has been rumored for the last couple of years. We also talk about the upcoming Static Major mixtape that his window is planning to put together.

For our R&B hall of fame, we don't actually go too deep in the discussion so we're going to leave it up to you guys to induct H-Town and Christopher Williams into the hall of fame. Lastly, we do an album look back at Keyshia Cole's sophomore album "Just Like You" and talk about what prevented her from reaching that next level with her career.


Someone Told Us We’re Too Old For Trap Soul!!! – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #53

May 30, 2017

0:35: People hating on the website
2:52: Bryson Tiller releases new album "True To Self"
7:00: New songs from Mali Music, Ameriie and Stokley
11:00: Someone told us we're too old for trap soul
19:10: Revisiting Ginuwine's nomination into the hall of fame
22:05: Is Bryson Tiller really pushing the genre forward?
26:28: The need for a new radio format for the 2000's R&B artists
41:11: What if for Usher's career
44:22: What if for Justin Timberlake's career

We are back with a unique edition of the podcast. With No Edd around, Kyle and Tom respond to some of the YouTube comments that we've all been receiving about the state of R&B. We start off the episode talking about Bryson Tiller's album as we're told he is the savior of R&B. We talk about the 90's samples on his new album as well as his impact on the genre with his trap soul movement. Afterwards we talk about new releases from Mali Music, Jazmine Sullivan and Ameriie who made her return to R&B last week with her new song "REDRUM".

Afterwards we talk about the trap soul genre and try to figure out who belongs in that demographic or if it's only for a certain age bracket. We skip the hall of fame this week because Edd isn't here, but we do revisit Ginuwine's nomination as there are more points that point towards him being a good candidate for it. We also discuss the future of artists such as Chris Brown and Trey Songz who will be transitioning into that Urban AC market in the next 10 years. We also play the "what if" game by looking into the careers of Usher and Justin Timberlake and giving out different scenarios that could have potentially changed the landscape of everything.

Check us out!!


R&B Sales Continue To Decline And You Should Be Concerned – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #52

May 22, 2017

2:15: Thoughts on LeToya Luckett's "Back 2 Life" album
10:45: Ledisi's new single is trap?
18:46: Review on Faith Evans and Biggie's duet album
26:55: Ne-Yo's releases two new songs
31:00: Upcoming tours
35:22: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Ginuwine and Faith Evans
53:35: Love Letter feature

<em>We had to a take a break last week to enjoy Mother's Day but we are back with some more R&B. We start off the podcast talking about the release of LeToya's new album "Back 2 Life" and our thoughts on the album. We spend some time raving about her collaboration with Ludacris on the catchy song "Grey" and also discuss her low album sales. We also look at her inclusion of trap sounds in the production and discuss whether it is needed for an R&B artist to do that. We also talk about Ledisi's new single which also contains some trendier sounds. Afterwards we review Faith Evans and Biggie's duet album "The King & I" which is a project we've been waiting on for a long time. We talk about some of the strong points of the album including its 90's influenced production.

We also talk about the release of Ne-Yo's new single "Earn Ur Love" as well our interaction with him on Twitter. We're all on board with his new project as long as it isn't full of Pitbull material. Some of the upcoming R&B tours include Bell Biv Devoe, Mary J. Blige and August Alsina. We talk about the odd pairing for MJB's tour with Lalah Hathaway opening up for her. For our hall of fame discussion, we try to induct Ginuwine and Faith Evans. As usual, the conversation is heated with educated debates on their careers.

For our love letter feature, Edd analyzes Tamia's hit record "Officially Missing You".


Some R&B Legends Wouldn’t Stand A Chance In 2017 – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #51

May 8, 2017

0:55: Chris Brown announces double album with 40 new songs
4:30: TLC's new album cover
10:00: New single releases Marsha Ambrosius, Goapele and En Vogue
14:35: Upcoming albums from LeToya Luckett and Faith Evans
24:10: Legends in R&B that would struggle in 2017 based on physical appearance
33:40: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Destiny's Child and Monica
56:10: Love Letter feature
1:00:00: #AskYKIGS

We're back on track with episode #51. We start off the podcast by talking about the news that Chris Brown's upcoming album "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" is going to contain 40 songs. One of the songs is called "Juicy Booty" which has everyone excited. We also talk about his documentary "Welcome To My Life" which will be playing in theaters all over the country on June 8th. Afterwards we talk about the new TLC album as they recently showed the tracklist for it. They also posted the album cover for the album which looks like a combination of bubblegum wrappers and Popsicle sticks. Then we talk about upcoming releases in R&B from the likes of Marsha, Goapele and LeToya.

For our main discussion, we talk about the standards of music in 2017 and which R&B legends wouldn't make the cut if they debuted today. Some names included Boyz II Men, Robin Thicke and Chico DeBarge. For our hall of fame, we try to figure out if Destiny's Child and Monica should be inducted. The conversation gets extremely heated as some people don't believe Destiny's Child deserves to be in the hall of fame. Monica gets some heat as well, but you'll have to tune into the podcast to find out what happens.

For our newest feature, we analyze Donnell Jones' classic song "Where I Wanna Be" and how flawed the lyrics are. We also answer questions from some of our readers. Check out the latest episode of our podcast!


Special #AskYKIGS Edition – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #50

May 1, 2017

2:05: Fyre Festival disaster
6:00: Tamar Braxton's new single
8:00: The release of Mary J. Blige's new album
12:52: H.E.R. announces second installment of EP series
19:31: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: Jon B and Brandy
30:52: #AskYKIGS (Tom's diet, Edd's thoughts on the "Black Panties" album, Kyle's singing talents, etc)
1:20:00: Love Letter feature
1:24:10: Food discussion

Welcome to episode number 50 of our podcast! It's been quite a journey since we started this thing over a year ago and we're excited to reach this milestone. We start off the podcast talking about the Fyre Festival which has been all over social media for the last few days. We talk about the cheese sandwiches they were serving as well as Ja Rule's role in the whole fiasco. Afterwards we talk about some new R&B releases that came out last week including Tamar Braxton's new single "My Man". We discuss her new label name Tamartian Land Records.

Afterwards we talk about Mary J. Blige's new album "Strength Of A Woman" and our thoughts on the album. A lot of people were expecting the second coming of "My Life" but we review the album for what it is. We talk about the good as well as the bad for the album. We also talk about Gabi Wilson's H.E.R. project and what we can expect from the second volume of the EP series. We talk about the marketing campaign for H.E.R. and predict what she will do this time around.

We also get into more of our hall of fame discussion and nominate two of the site's most popular artists. Jon B and Brandy are both fan favorites so we'll see who gets inducted! Afterwards we dive into our special discussion which consists of questions submitted by the readers as part of our #AskYKIGS segment. We go through a bunch of questions regarding musical trends, the history of music as well as our personal lives.

We finish the podcast by debuting our brand new "Love Letter" feature where Edd gives advice to Mario Winans on his relationship problems. The final food discussion ever was brief, but we talked about turkey legs.


Damn, R&B Needs a Kendrick Lamar – YouKnowIGotSoul R&B Podcast Episode #49

April 24, 2017

0:57: New album releases
4:50: Chris Brown announces new album and documentary
9:19: Usher's new haircut
13:22: The savior of R&B was supposed to arrive in 2012
27:15: Top 10 Best Male R&B vocalists today
47:50: R&B Hall Of Fame nominations: SWV and Musiq Soulchild
1:01:35: Food discussion

We caught a lot of heat for our last podcast when we ranked the top female vocalists in the game and we're sure this episode will have very similar results! We start off the podcast talking about some of the new albums that came out last week including Avery*Sunshine, PJ Morton and Eric Roberson. Afterwards we talk about the upcoming release of Chris Brown's album "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" as well as the documentary "Welcome To My Life". We discuss Chris Brown's career and why he feels the need to put out a movie in theaters.

It's not a podcast unless we talk about Usher and he makes it easy for us this week as he dyed his hair recently. This leads to a deeper discussion on whether he can still be the savior of R&B. We rewind the clock back to 2012 when he released "Climax" which we thought would impact R&B in the way that Kendrick Lamar has for Hip Hop. We also talk about some younger artists who we thought could help shift the genre such as Miguel and Luke James.

Our special topic for this week is some of our favorite male R&B vocalists in the game. Our discussion was sparked by Edd’s list that he published on his website, so we give our thoughts on it and also add some names to it. Some artists that we talked about include Brian McKnight, Joe and Craig David. We also get into more of our hall of fame discussion and nominate SWV and Musiq Soulchild for this wee.

For our food discussion, we talk about various things including McDonald sauces and the new Starbucks unicorn drink.